Barred Owls 2015

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Barred Owls 2015 — 2,483 Comments

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  2. Pretty Summer Day…

    It’s July 5th, young owls have all been gone from nest box over one month now. I imagine they are honing their hunting and flying skills and doing well to a fantastic degree! The adults have great instinct and taught them all the necessities to survive. It is life and chances they deal with now. Food was plentiful and hopefully that continues. So, should a visitor stop by, it will be posted, crossed fingers and toes here.

    No sooner said, a squirrel hops inside the box and out. Not the visitor I hope to capture…

  3. Three months ago, first egg of 2015 arrived inside the nest box. Later to be known as Tesla. The oldest of the three young owlets.

  4. Young barred owl flies pretty good, but landings are tricky. After a few attempts, perched for a moment, then gone as fast as it arrived.

    Amazing. 2 of 2 photos.

  5. Great news! Young owl flies by the nest box. It was 6/17 at 3:13pm. Not the clearest photo due to fast movements, but second photo there is no doubt. 1 of 2 photos. Happy sight.

  6. Einstein, too cute. A few hours to go before fledge, but the memory of young owls innocence is nice.

  7. Another fantastic moment from 6/2 morning. Rain soaked adult bringing in regular food drops. Nice.

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