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The Tri-State VultureCam is up and running for 2017.  From the 2010 to the 2013 breeding seasons, 6 chicks hatched and another 3 orphans from other locations fledged for a total of 9 fledglings from this nest site. The nest site was not used by vultures during the 2014 and 2015 breeding seasons, and the adult male, tagged #17 in 2013, has not returned. However, an untagged pair took up residence in late February 2016 resulting in two successful fledgings. An untagged pair took up residence again in early February 2017.

One of our long-term research objectives is to determine whether the same pair tends to occupy the shed year after year or if occupancy changes, possibly resulting from some form of competition or due to disturbing the nest site by tagging adults and/or chicks. Another objective of this multi-generational study is to observe ongoing working relationships between family members from year to year.

As in previous years, we are recording selected video and audio from several cameras, 24/7 for research purposes. However, our computer only streams video to this website from one camera at a time. We try to display the most interesting vulture behavior at any given moment. Sometimes the screen goes black after switching cameras. If this happens, you may be able restore the video by refreshing the webpage (by clicking on the circular arrow near the top center of the webpage for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers). Known technical difficulties preventing viewing will be reported at Real-time chat regarding nesting activities is also available at this site. Day-to-day narrative and photos of nesting activity is available at RaptorX Forum for vultures, owls, and eagles

Viewing nesting behavior over the Internet, rather than observing the birds directly, avoids activity near the nest that could lead the adults to abandon it. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO LOCATE THE NEST SITE OR APPROACH IT AS DOING SO COULD RESULT IN DEATH OF THE CHICKS AND THE END OF THIS RESEARCH.

Comments from viewers relating to observations of vulture behavior or suggestions for research are most welcome.



Live Video of BLVU Nest — 1,796 Comments

  1. FInally, discovered my missing photographs of the 3 BLVU from 2017. I’ve waited to finish the season and now, its finally complete.

    It was a season of amazing events, great triumphs and Ren’s life had come to a sorry end.

    We discovered even more genuine bonding behaviors amongst the BLVU when Tori waited many days in the shed area for Ren.
    Amazing to see the three together and doing well. High hopes they are well and good!

  2. Update!

    Over the weekend, Saturday, 7/29/17 I discovered the two adults and Tori, perched high up, outside of the nest area, they have moved on! I do have photos to add, hopefully soon.

  3. The fledge date is unofficial and if I can gather information from home owners in the area,
    it can be reviewed by Tri-State for an official date.

  4. As the 2017 BLVU nesting season comes to an end wonderful things continue to happen as Tori was photographed on 7/9/2017 and unofficially fledged on 7/9/2107.

    Take a look at that overfilled crop.
    Tori, your future looks amazing!

  5. Tri-State submitted the body for necropsy to see if a cause of death can be determined.

  6. News from 7/11/2017 that is too sad.

    Our tagged BLVU chick Ren/294 died seemingly from complications following the raccoon attack 24 days prior, a sudden and unexpected turn.

  7. *All apologies, I did it again, on 7/10 Ren was 98 days old and Tori was 97 days old.
    Chick Tori/347 is 100 days old today, 7/13/2017.

  8. I will wait for you. Tori sits and rests, 98 days old, 3 weeks since Ren was taken to Tri-State.

  9. Ren makes it to the wall. As seen in close ups earlier, but wanted to included photos with the adult female.

  10. Tori and adult continued to poke and pull at Ren to get chick up and mobile.

    Although limping the bravest one makes it to the path.

  11. *July 12th at 3:39pm, I accidentally entered Rens age, on 6/24/2017 Tori was 81 days old.

  12. Tori follows him to the rafters in the shed, on his tail.
    He used to fly up atop the sink to get away, now it doesn’t work. Too funny.

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