Barred Owls 2016


Barred Owls 2016 — 219 Comments

  1. ~ As the 2017 Barred Owl season has arrived, so has the 2017 page.
    Please check the new addition for this year!

  2. Currently 14° in the nest area, feels like temp is 1°, good there’s plenty of sunshine to help warm up some.

  3. 12:07am. She’s gone n no egg. Extreme cold weather, wait and see, but it’s promising.

  4. She’s gnawing wood and may be preparing for an egg, now. Waiting for a look.

  5. adding from 5/17

    The next three in a row show the commitment to her owlets. 1 of 3.

  6. Found it, the last photo capture of owlet.
    Note the time is 12:05am. So owlet exited after midnight and before 6:25am 5/18.

  7. Visiting may be to throw off the crows to their whereabouts. The adults will not have rest for some time to come. Beautiful owls, so nice to get one more look…

  8. Empty nest box… I saw adults fly by, chase a crow and saw tiny wings flapping in the upper right corner of cam, high in a tree.

    When they move and flap you notice the leaves moved differently.

  9. Hope there new lives and adventures are filled with wonder.
    Plenty to eat and live healthy lives for years to come!
    To future generations, families like these Barred’s, build on strong bonds!


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