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  1. Thanks for the tip on the birds watching the nest. As of today three of the eggs have disappeared. Only one remains. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this egg will hatch; but still no sign of the female staying in the house.

  2. Wondering if activity around nest area will be monitored and if camera will be on for a new brood if and when eggs are laid. The same for Bluebirds 2.

  3. Empty nest this morning. All five have fledged. Wonder if we’ll have a second brood.

    My five have also fledged. Wondering the same.

    Charlotte, good to see you again. Usually, unless it is cold, the male and female watch nest from close by. You will know when you have nestlings when the female visits with food every few minutes.

  4. 6/2/13

    Thanks for the reply.

    We have 4 blue eggs so far. She doesn’t seem to be spending much time on the nest. She visits in the morning and the evening for a few minutes. I moved one of the bird baths a little closer because we have not had much rain lately. Both of them used to spend quite a bit of time on the utility line from the street to our house. It is right in front of their nest box. But I don’t seem them there any more.

  5. Welcome, Jan and Charlotte. You’re in the right place. These beautiful little ones hatched on May 17 and are growing very fast. You will see both male and female parents feeding them.

    I have five nestlings in one of my Bluebird Boxes. I noticed yesterday that I also have five English House Sparrow nestlings in another Bluebird box. Nothing I can do about it now. I just hope they will be satisfied with that and not do harm to my Bluebirds. Have to watch carefully.

    Jan, wonderful. Sounds like you will have another brood. Sometimes there can even be three in a season.

    Charlotte, hope you have five eggs by now – the standard.

  6. First year for us, and we are just thrilled! We were out of town for a week and by he time we got back, the brood had fledged. We cleaned out the box this morning and already the parents are going in and out again. I’m 58, and saw my first bluebird last year, so this has been an amazing, joyful experience.

  7. I am a new Blue Birder. Last year our 1st house was occupied by a flying squirrel. So we put up a second house. Now we have a pair of Bluebirds, a nest and, as of this morning, two blue eggs. I am just looking for a place to communicate with other Bluebird enthusiasts. I hope his is it.


  8. LeAnne and Christine, so sorry to hear about your Bluebirds. The usual culprits are English House Sparrows and less frequently Raccoons. I’ve had trouble for years with the House Sparrows. They are very aggressive and will try to take over Bluebird nest boxes either by killing the adults or the nestlings once hatched.

    You just have to be on your guard and try to discourage the Sparrows. You might check into web sites that deal with House Sparrow Management. I just stay vigilant, because I really don’t want to harm the Sparrows.

    This year I have five eggs in one of my boxes and am keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. Love it! I have been very successful over the years. This year had 4 eggs that hatched and were about a week old when I checked the box all 4 were dead. There weren’t any marks on them, any ideas?

  10. Love this. We have a blue bird house with a nest but something killed the male this weekend. We found him dead under the nest. The female is still hanging around.

  11. Yes, susu. They are adorable. Now we have five. Parent made a short visit to feed them just now.

  12. oh my…the babies are incredible…I love that ‘alien’ look they have about them…big wobbly heads and all. Brilliant…all huddled around that one last egg.

  13. We have two hatchlings at around 7:40 A.M. Parent just arrived to feed. Will post to Forum.

  14. Correction. Bob Bryant noted that one egg was in the nest on April 29. Two other observers noted that first egg was there on May 1 and second on May 2, which, I suppose, doesn’t necessarily mean they were laid on those days. It has been very difficult to document activities here because camera has not been reliable until the past few days. Thank goodness.

    I’m really interested in this site, because although I have several Bluebird boxes on my property, I have not had much success because of the darned House Sparrows–just five or six broods over the past twenty three years. And I truly love them.

  15. Possible pips in two eggs upper and lower right (color cam). Will have to compare with my pictures from earlier this afternoon. Would fit in with incubation periods for eggs laid on May 1 and 2.

  16. I have not seen an egg yet, will be more aware when posting using plural, when I am unsure. Oops.

  17. 5/13 7:24 a.m. Adult on nest, a shimmy and a fluff. Very nice. Will see if I can get a view and update the nest activity.

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