Barred Owls 2017 — 82 Comments

  1. Today, 5/16 large prey for the owlets. Perhaps squirrel or rabbit. They ate very well this morning and continue to use their beak, wings and talons in an attempt to perch. They are hopping onto the wall.

    Saw an amazing sight (Luna) has been spending a lot of time inside the box preening them.
    Today, for the first time, I watched her directly in front of camera, making tiny hops in an attempt to perch!!! She is teaching them what to do.

    As I type she is perched but moved over to the side, allowing space for one to join her.

    I have been getting great photos and in a days time hope to get them added and in order.
    They are so beautiful and even comical at times to watch. Not many days left before they move on. They may perch a few days before taking the leap.

    At least one in the past, climbed atop the box and then climbed into the tree.

    These babies won’t fly for a while, but they will use their beak, wings and talons to climb to safety.

  2. She returns to perch without food, two of the three are pecking cam and stretching up.
    Currently, She’s been rigorously preening the three for a while now. Staying in the nest box, against the rear wall, facing out.

  3. Fun and entertaining to watch them. They get stronger and more curious by the minute.

    They still huddle so close, security and/or instinct.
    Curious, usually being tree trunk dwellers is this what instinct has them do. Normally, they would be in a tiny space and huddled,, they have a choice and still stay so close.

    They have the advantage to hop and flap in the nest box., a big plus for gaining experience!

  4. Three beautiful owlets. All are walking, hopping and flapping today.
    Bobbing heads, staring outside the nest box.

    Estimated at 26 days old now.
    Estimating one more week they will be at fledge, but give or take a few days.

    Hope to catch up to date on the photos soon.

  5. Timid owlet is active, looking fantastic but usually underwing or under siblings, a good look.

  6. She perched while owlets searched the nest box for food, stretched and then huddled together. Cute ball of fuzz and feathers.

    Owlets were beak to beak with her, asking to be fed. Big appetites now and adults working harder to keep three hungry owlets fed.

    Seems cooler temps they huddle and cuddle more.

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