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  1. I still haven’t seen them active. Will try to get here at sunrise/sunset and catch them coming and/or going. Looks like another night of good rest for them.

  2. I will check in at evening to see if this season had chicks that fledged and return to this awesome tower box!

  3. Congratulations Mike!

    Must be a good feeling to see the tower has worked. I asked hubby
    about uncapping the chimney and got the over the glasses look, which means no. Vultures in the yard are enough he says.

    I hope to see them return to your tower year after year. Thank You for sharing.

    This is the first summer I have observed the swifts flying in groups over our house. First year noticing them, or it is just that I am much more observant of them now? They may be staying in a neighbors chimney. Fun to ponder.

  4. Thank you, Mike. Such an interesting bird. Thank you for the front row seat! Do the swifts sleep inside a tower/chimney/hollow tree while they are in route back to South America OR do they sleep outside once the family is grown? If they sleep inside, I wonder how they possibly find a place to sleep each night during their long trip.

  5. THe chimney swifts have learned to fly outside of the tower. They will return to this tower every night till the first week of sept.. and will visit the tower for years to come.

  6. I have been watching these chimney swifts for weeks now and it’s been an amazing experience to see them go from egg to nestling to fledgeling. Watching them exercise their wings and taking short flights is exciting. Thank you for the nest can to watch these unusual and incredible birds. Where is this chimney located? When I turn the sound up, I hear traffic in the background.

  7. This is very exciting. Have just observed three of the fledglings, either skimming along the walls or practicing short flights.

    Thank you so much, Mike. This is quite extraordinary. Can you orient us as to direction so that I can note positions of Swifts as to north wall, south wall, etc. from this particular camera view. Thanks again.

  8. Dear Admin, Are the fledglings going up and out of the tower or are they still practicing flight? Does the family return to the tower once they take flight? Thank you for the joy of watching Life on the Edge 🙂

  9. That’s quite alright ,Carol, thank you. And thank you, Admin. I assumed that the Chimney Swifts went up the wall first. Most importantly, I am glad they are ok. How nice…. we have the rest of the summer to watch. Thank you.

  10. Thank you, Admin. Fran and I will look forward to that. I’m speaking for you now, Fran. See you on Forum.

  11. This is what chimney swifts do.. They are below the nest.. Trust me you will see them going up and down the tower.. They’ll be here till the first week of Sept.

  12. It’s a shame we missed the climbing up the wall after watching for so long. I hope they are all ok.

  13. I can hear them. Hoping all five made it to the wall safely. If someone could update us, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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