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  1. oh my, one of the babies clinging to the wall just stretched it’s wings and then fell!

  2. It is wonderful having the sound available. Their feeding calls are almost ear-splitting but they also do a lot of quiet “chatting” to each other in between feedings.Hopefully, we won’t have occasion to hear their alarm calls which are quite eerie, almost mechanical whirring noises.
    This whole setup of camera and sound is remarkable. Congratulations on your great work!

  3. Thank you for the sound – very important especially with Chimney Swifts. Can someone moderate my comment of July 14 or let me know if there is a problem. Thank you.

  4. Hello, Emily and Swift Care. Mike’s subtitle “Life on the Edge” was well demonstrated today. I saw Swifts at the very edge of the nest, one on either side, just as far as they could be to the wall without actually being on it. I held my breath because I thought they were going to make that big move. Just a bit early perhaps. As I understand it, this usually happens at around 20 days.

    I have tried to capture shots of the specially adapted hook like claws but without success. I did post to Forum several shots showing some open eyes and also wing structure. In a couple you can see the so called “spines” at the end of the tail feathers – 10 tail feathers and ten “spines.” What incredible adaptations for these fascinating and unique birds. It is such a privilege to be allowed into their world for even a brief time – thanks especially to Mike and Tri-State.

  5. Once they are all out of the nest and clinging to the wall of the chimney, they typically still stay close together over and under each other so they look like roof shingles. It will be interesting to see if these little guys follow this pattern.

  6. Thank you for the information about what happens next with the Swifts. I’ve been noticing a lot of flapping and increased appearance of adults (as though they are standing guard) and wondered if the flapping was training for flight. Yes, this is a really fascinating thing to watch and we are all so lucky to be able to have a front row seat to this amazing sight courtesy of the hard work of so many. Please know how very much I appreciate your hard work – bringing nature to those of us who might otherwise never see this much less learn about this species is a rare treat and important effort. Thank you!

  7. The nestlings’ eyes open at around 14 days. They will leave the nest by climbing up the wall of the chimney. Once they find themselves a spot to cling to, they start trying out their wings. They flap madly without letting go their grip of the wall. It is fun to watch this phase of their development.

  8. There are three adults hanging out below the nestlings. In addition to feeding them, do they help them leave the nest? Are the nestlings eyes open and how do they know when they are cleared for “take off?” Thank you for the amazing opportunity. This has been incredible to watch!

  9. Such sad news about the nest, Mary. In very rare circumstances, it is possible to put the nest back but, mostly, a fallen nest is a lost one. The Swifts in my area are all nesting now and having eggs hatch. I think some birds might try a “do over” because we have taken in 7 day old nestlings as late as mid-August. There’s a small, outside chance that your chimney guests might be determined enough to make a new attempt!

  10. How on earth do they all stay crammed together on that tiny lil shelf without falling off? Wow…..this is absolutely amazing.

  11. Welcome, Mary. So sorry about you Swifts nest. I understand if there is too much of a soot buildup, there are problems with the nest adhering to the wall of the chimney.

    Perhaps Mike or Swift Care Ontario can help here. It probably is too late for Swifts to build a second nest, but I don’t know for sure.

  12. Thank you, Carol! The screen captures are so exciting to see! We specialize in rehabilitating 4 aerial insectivores designated at Species at Risk (Chimney Swifts, Whip-poor-wills, Barn Swallows and Common Nighthawks) but confess that the Swifts hold pride of place.

  13. Swift Care Ontario, use the link above “Raptor Resource Project.”
    This will bring you to our Forum. Then select “Bird Cam Forum.” On that page select “Other Bird Cams snd Information. The first selection there should be Tri-State Bird Cams. That will bring you to the Forum thread on the Chimney Swifts. It is easy to become a Forum member if you wish to participate in a thread discussion or you can just view the comments and screen captures. If you have problems, let me know. Carol Chazin aka “OnEagleWings”

  14. Have posted to Forum a view of the nestlings at 12:49 P.M. between change overs by adults. Believe all five are there.

    Thanks for the outstanding camera work.

  15. I believe we are all having the same problem, Emily. All the Tri-State sites were off-air yesterday and seem to be coming back gradually. I’m sure this one will as well.

  16. Has anyone else had a difficult time viewing? I keep getting an “off air” message so I haven’t been able to watch in a few days. Anyone else? Recommendations?

  17. Thanks, Fran, for the kind words and confirming the hatch. Also for posting to Forum the screen capture of the nest full of Tree Swallows. Great picture.

  18. Hi Carol,
    Congratulations on such a wonderful screen shot!! I can see the hatchling!! I commend you on all the great work you have been doing on Forum with all the bird sites and your valuable contributions from documentation to screen captures. Very nice!

  19. I, obviously, can’t count. The fourth egg was laid on June 9. The timing is perfect as the Chimney Swifts knew very well.

  20. I have posted to RRP Forum a screen capture from 11:11 A.M. yesterday which I now believe shows a hatchling emerging from an egg. I had to look at that image many, many times after enlarging it because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had used the 19 to 21 day calculation for the incubation period, beginning after the laying of the next to the last egg.

    If anyone has the chance to look at that image, I would appreciate an opinion. Thank you so much. Just trying to learn and appreciate this wonderful opportunity.

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