Luna and Noche Barred Owls 2018


Luna and Noche Barred Owls 2018 — 57 Comments

  1. Adding only a quick note and update.
    Yesterday, saw two owlets, one egg was still visible.

    One owlet was scooting with eyes wide open!

    Just minutes ago, the tiny owlet laid down. What a fantastic time for them.

  2. Photo added from 1:42AM on 4/22/2018.
    An amazing greeting. Luna looked just a bit on edge. Although the pair enjoyed a greeting, too.

    After entering the box, carrying prey, seemed he
    attempted to offer it to his owlet. A wonderful gesture.

    Coming soon to the Raptor X Forum I will add a sequence of photos from the activity.

  3. An amazing event occurred as Noche has a meet and greet with one of his owlets, beak to beak.

    He entered the nest box and stayed longer than usual.

  4. Just seconds prior to the previous photo, the food drop itself happened.

    Interesting, that Draco and Roxy has a very similar experience also.
    Seen in this photo, a gentle handing over of the prey.

    A kind, gentle offering was seen by both male barred owls, it’s amazing and touching.

  5. An event filled visit. Noche arrives with more food. The pair have a brief greeting, he stayed a bit perhaps listening for his owlets.

    I still haven’t been able to identify the critter he delivered. But, what a huge cache they have built up. There’s birds, a bunny and quite a few unidentifiable items of prey.

  6. Meanwhile, Luna had her short outing last night and there are now two tiny owlets! Recorded 11:43PM Saturday. Too cute!

  7. A feeding from 8:24AM to 8:30AM she is consistent. When she fed last evening, my first sighting of owlet, the feeding lasted 6 minutes. This morning, owlet barely in view, staying warm.

    Luna grabbed the prey and tucked it back into the corner.

  8. First looks at new owlet!!!
    Noche is a fantastic provider.
    Chipmunks, mice, an impressive cache and just in time. Hungry baby.

  9. Luna’s first egg is 35 days old today, 2nd egg is 32 days old today and 3rd egg is 29 days old today.

    My estimated hatch was off due to the fact incubation begins after last egg, not the first. oops.
    So, prior comment regarding the hatch dates will be and/or will have been deleted, gone, disregarded.

    Incubation lasting approximately 28-33, owlet is due!

  10. Luna’s eggs arrived 3/09, 3/12 and 3/15.
    Roxy’s eggs arrived 3/13, 3/16 and 3/19.

    Roxy’s first egg is 27 days old. Incubation lasts 28-33 days.

    What a Hoot, if her first owlet arrives before Luna’s!!
    Luna’s first egg is 31 days old today. If in fact, it’s still an egg… come on twilight time!
    We may get a look.

  11. Luna’s oldest egg is 31 days old today, if in fact it is still an egg.

    Seen at 5:49AM this morning, looked like 3 eggs. Couldn’t see a pip. She rarely gives us a look.

  12. Got a look, the evening of 29th day of the first egg.
    She and Roxy were gone at the same time tonight.

  13. Egg #1 is 26 days old today! Incubation from 28-33 means owlets may be arriving as soon as Friday. Saturday.

    She’s looking relaxed. Listening, hearing and/or feeling them yet??? Soon, will she coo and respond to them? Amazing things ahead.

  14. Possible pesky squirrel again and she’s not happy. Last time the intruder visited she didn’t move, chattered the beak and blinked a lot. Today, at least 5-6 times she started to lunge.
    But, hesitated then stayed put. Sounds like (squirrel) was chewing either the box or the tree. Could see her eyes following footsteps on the roof.