Barred Owls 2017 — 82 Comments

  1. Beautiful Barred owls!

    They are becoming more interested in the outside view, they are also hungry!
    Third owlet is still content being underwing most times. Luna happily obliges.

    Been trying for days to catch all four.

  2. Two curious owlets. Taking a while to catch the three together.
    They are staring outside with wonder.

  3. Adding from 5/9.

    3 of 4. Feisty owlet says no to the wing.
    One of the three is usually standing, stretching and flapping.

  4. Adding from 5/9.

    1 of 4. Trying to keep all three underwing isn’t as easy now.

  5. Adding from 5/8, a second view of the owlets. Sweet. They mainly still stay huddled.

  6. Adding from 5/8.
    During feeding, the owlets were in a row, but not all three visible.
    She flew to perch and they stayed still.
    Comparing progress in last years photo at 19 days.

  7. Adding from 2015, three owlets at 19 days old.
    Hope to capture the three today for a 2017 comparison photo.

  8. The estimated hatch date of 4/19 for first egg means their estimated age today is at least 19 days old.

  9. 2015 eggs arrived 3/25, 3/28 and 3/31.
    First egg to hatch was on 4/29, 35 days.

    2016 eggs arrived 3/11, 3/15 and 3/18.
    First egg to hatch was on 4/15, also 35 days.

    2017 eggs arrived 3/15, 3/18 and 3/22.
    Based on the last two seasons, calculating eggs first hatch date to be 4/19/2017.

  10. Beautiful! Trying to keep three underneath is getting difficult. Too cute.

  11. Thanks to all who worked hard, no doubt to bring the cam back live!!!

  12. How do night owls adapt to brilliant sunshine? She was panting last night, a warm evening.
    Warming trend is perhaps temporary. She and her eggs are creating a lot of heat and energy, plus the sunshine, she will probably be very warm today.

  13. He visits about 9:14pm. Hoots deep n exits the nest box, didn’t see food drop. Perhaps he wants her to follow, he has done this before.

    Maybe it is the pink moon.

    She rolls the eggs then settles. Beautiful.

  14. Food drop about 9:23pm. looks like a bird, she tried to swallow it, feet sticking up… but interesting she mantles and begins to dissect.

  15. Another food drop, very dark colored like a vole, she swallowed prey quickly.

    Here is her male, Noche.

  16. Food drop, she was very excited and very hungry, prey mouse was gone in a minute.

  17. Resting comfy, rocking side by side.. rolling eggs possibly without standing. Beautiful.

  18. Incubation time for Barred’s is 28-33 days.

    Three eggs arrived.

    3/15/2017 egg is 23 days old
    3/18/2017 egg is 20 days old
    3/22/2017 egg is 16 days old

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