Barred Owls 2017 — 82 Comments

  1. She stands quickly and flies out, it’s been nearly 15 minutes. Calling it a night soon, hope to catch her return.

    (Note to self, do an egg day count)

  2. Rain falls and she has tiny beads of water on her feathers, shining in the light.

  3. Adding from 3/29

    Food drop, a frog. Luna doesn’t like frog so much.
    Consider it luck to see Noche’s face.

  4. Here she is holding the smaller type, which she ate (both) and she cached the larger.
    Also seen in the photo.

  5. Second food drop, then minutes later a third. Her Noche is providing plenty to eat and some for the cache.

    There are two different “prey” smaller mice and larger.
    She ate both the smaller mice, the remaining one is larger, has rounded large ears. long thin tail.

    Tried to ID them but no luck yet. May need to ask the locals.

  6. Missed a suspect food drop. She had prey in her beak and stared outside, but she was nearly motionless and very quiet for about 7 minutes after I logged in.

    Shiny drops on her head, may be from Noche’s food drop, since it’s been a rainy day.

  7. 9:26pm Noche arrives. Food drop mouse, it’s gone in seconds. No photo but saw feet/tail.

  8. Days are still and quiet as she soaks in the sun and rests. Will make it a point to add a couple day time photos soon.

    Egg #1 arrived on 3/15, 11 days old today.
    Egg #2 arrived on 3/18, 08 days old today.
    Egg #3 arrived on 3/22, 04 days old today.

  9. No sooner had she swallowed the bird, she grabbed one already in the nest box and begain to tear at it and eat it also. Within 5 minutes time she swallowed one entire bird and appeared maybe an entire second one.

    Feather on her neck area is from bird #2.

  10. Interesting to see him deliver a bird at this hour.
    Did he grab it while it slept in a tree or does he have a cache stored nearby?

  11. In the wee morning hours, today, Noche visits and delivers a bird.
    Luna doesn’t hesitate to swallow the bird, nearly one gulp.

  12. Three pretty eggs.

    Egg #1 3/15 11 days old
    Egg #2 3/18 8 days old
    Egg #3 3/22 4 days old.

  13. Looking more like a vole, perhaps. Interesting, she picked up the prey and carried it up to the perch.

  14. Evening food drop. Prey is looking slightly larger and darker colored than the mice she has been receiving..

  15. She didn’t hesitate to eat tonight. First mouse she’s been eating, if/when she gets another, she’s been caching it.

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