Barred Owls 2015

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Barred Owls 2015 — 2,483 Comments

  1. Busy morning, 6/2 at 10:37am many food drops, adult suspect/Luna was wet from hunting during steady rain earlier.

    Soft wet ground for fledge later that day.

  2. From 6/2 at 9:30AM Young owl is curious about the going on’s, but look in the lower right~ Adult. Luna? Beautiful.

  3. Undated timeless photo.

    The trees have eyes. As adult brings food drop, adult is watching from nearby tree top.

  4. Stunning. Good that Einstein was a day or two behind siblings, all of them wouldn’t last up there together. Adults managed well on the perch pole.

  5. Not too many of these fantastic moments left to go, fledge was still a few days away, but the lighting and activity was simply great.

    The entrance, perch and the perch pole were the perfect dimensions for them. A comfortable fit for a large family.

  6. Acrobatics. They are too cute. Hold onto ones breath that they didn’t fall out.

  7. Another fantastic moment from the morning of 6/1. Wow, those feathers. Even more fascinating, Luna kept track of all three. When she came to the nest box, she fed both owlets and no doubt they were minding the fledged young owl also.

  8. Another beautiful moment with the Barred’s. Adult/Luna visits the nest box with two owlets perched, one fledged. Early morning of 6/1. Time permitting I will get a few more done today.

  9. Beautiful. Photo shows adult bringing food drop inside the box.
    Tried to solve the time issue, but need to keep going.

  10. On 6/12/2015 at 11:25PM The photo 1 of 3 says:
    Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12:58.16PM.
    Date and time are perhaps from the modified date, not the real date. No impact on data, will leave it be.

    Luna actually did enter the nest box and do head counts of her owlets quite a few times over the next 24 hours.

    There are a few more nest box visits that show Luna enter the box with food, also feeding perched owlet. My estimated time of photo 1 of 3 is after first fledge, but before second.

  11. 3 of 3.
    Color inside and out was rare, because owls would trigger the IR cam from the perch. Lucky here.

  12. 2 of 3. Food drop. Caterpillar type food drop.
    Note, out of sequence since these next two photos are before fledge.
    But, showing a variety of prey and so pretty to look at.

  13. 1 of 3. Food drop (talons) and beautiful Luna does a head count. Since this day had two already fledge. She’s counting. This was 6/1/2015 at 12:58PM

  14. 2 of 3. The owlets seem to have had such an advantage inside the nest box. They were able to practice gripping and getting a feel for climbing. Owlet managed very well.

    Photos posted previously show owlet on the ground, walk up to a tree and climb.

  15. 1 of 3. Now a few action shots. From 5/28 and 5/29. Beautiful new growth of feathers. Not often visible.

  16. 2 of 2. Pretty, outside view during one of the 5/29 food drops.

    Nice, soft lighting.

  17. Photo 2 of 6 shows owlet eating caterpillar. This is one of those moments when owlet didn’t appear to enjoy the prey/food. In that photo, far top left is adult, who then walks across to the entrance and flies off.

    In this photo, owlet appeared to not like the taste at all. This is about 30 seconds afterwards. Perhaps bitter.

  18. One more adult visit from 5/29/2015. Choosing only 6… well, now it’s 7. Great moments in time.

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