Luna and Noche Barred Owls 2018


Luna and Noche Barred Owls 2018 — 57 Comments

  1. Her eggs arrived 3/9, 3/12 and 3/15. Incubation lasting 28-33 days.

    Today is day 24 since first egg!

  2. Caught a glimpse at two, possibly three food drops all close in time.

    The first visit, after entering the box for a shorter than usual stay, he flew off and either she ate very quickly or he was requesting her to join him outside. This has happened in other season.

    As seen here, he delivered. She did not hesitate to eat or seem interested in saving it for later.

  3. Bright sun shining in.

    Interesting, they have such amazing night vision and what a contrast during the day. Her vision is probably diminished in bright light.

    No doubt it’s warming up also.

  4. High temps today in the low 50’s, according to Weatherbug. She’s fluffing and moving around a bit more.

  5. As the intruder continued to noisily stay atop the nest box, she decided its as good a time as any to eat a mouse from her cache. Which gave the impression she was on alert, but not overly concerned with the intruder.

    In past seasons, she laid low when birds and squirrels visited.
    Seems that staying on the eggs is her priority.

    Two things surprised me, she ate during the intruder visit and Noche didn’t swoop on the squirrel. Although, he may have and we didn’t see it.

  6. At about 7:28AM an unwelcome visitor arrives, sounded like a squirrel.
    The pesky critter, sounded as if it was chewing something. I did see small particles
    fall in front of cam view, so some sort of shaving were falling inside, but it was a minimal amount.

    This continued for ten minutes. Patience ruled, she stared and concentrated on the location, but did not make any attempt to chase it off. She never moved off the eggs, except to slightly turn herself around.

    Wondering, would her Noche arrive and take care of the visitor, answer, no.

  7. Her tail is up, eyes closed. She has wood chips stuck to her beak, seems I may have missed a food drop. All looks good and well.

  8. Food drop, he’s been delivering quite a few frogs. There was a bird dropped off, but Im searching for the date/photo.

  9. NOTE:

    After today, March 23, 2018 the Glenham, NY Barred Owl photos and updates will be located in the Raptor X Forum page. Where each nest box will have their own thread. This page will continue to be updated with photos and information from Luna and Noche’s nest box.

  10. The Owl Box of Glenham, NY, Roxy and Draco, has three eggs:

    Eggs arrived 3/13, 3/16 and 3/19.
    As of today, her eggs are 9, 6 and 3 days old.

    Incubation lasting 28-33 days.

  11. The Owl Box of Wappinger’s, Luna and Noche has a total of three eggs:

    Eggs arrived 3/9, 3/12 and 3/15.
    As of today, her eggs are 13, 10 and 7 days old.

    Incubation lasting 28-33 days.

  12. Great news! Luna’s third egg arrived yesterday.
    The eggs arrived three days apart, same as previous seasons.

    Thank you Mike, for the photo.

  13. Twilight time and the owls perk up for the evening. Just minutes ago she takes flight, not perched as she does on occasion, tonight, left in a hurry.

    A better view of two wonderful, beautiful eggs.

  14. Fantastic news!

    As she perched, two eggs visible in the nest box.
    First I’d seen the two was at 8:51PM tonight. I believe her
    second egg may have arrived about 8:47AM this morning. I saw her stand and look down, but
    missed an opportunity to see if two were visible at that time.

  15. After sun sets, they get active.

    She was hooting, Who Cooks for you?
    A short while after, a food drop, frog. Not her favorite food, but she did eat it.

    Past seasons, she has carried out frogs when she wasn’t interested.
    Very good to see them again!

  16. Adding from March 10, 2018.

    Her beautiful display of feathers. The soft down used as nesting material, it is warming perhaps,
    But, she plucked a small patch of her feathers out to create what is called a brood patch, used to warm her eggs.

  17. From March 9, 2018.

    First egg was confirmed and added to Luna and Noche’s Facebook page.
    All the best for another fantastic season. Thanks for bringing them to us Live and
    thanks for sharing the photos and updates.

    Luna’s eggs are usually 3 days apart, we wait for a glance if she takes a short flight.
    Will we see egg #2?

  18. Wonderful news, Luna and Noche, the Barred Owls of Wappinger Falls, have returned to the nest box for the 2018 nesting season!