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The Tri-State VultureCam is up and running for 2017.  From the 2010 to the 2013 breeding seasons, 6 chicks hatched and another 3 orphans from other locations fledged for a total of 9 fledglings from this nest site. The nest site was not used by vultures during the 2014 and 2015 breeding seasons, and the adult male, tagged #17 in 2013, has not returned. However, an untagged pair took up residence in late February 2016 resulting in two successful fledgings. An untagged pair took up residence again in early February 2017.

One of our long-term research objectives is to determine whether the same pair tends to occupy the shed year after year or if occupancy changes, possibly resulting from some form of competition or due to disturbing the nest site by tagging adults and/or chicks. Another objective of this multi-generational study is to observe ongoing working relationships between family members from year to year.

As in previous years, we are recording selected video and audio from several cameras, 24/7 for research purposes. However, our computer only streams video to this website from one camera at a time. We try to display the most interesting vulture behavior at any given moment. Sometimes the screen goes black after switching cameras. If this happens, you may be able restore the video by refreshing the webpage (by clicking on the circular arrow near the top center of the webpage for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers). Known technical difficulties preventing viewing will be reported at Real-time chat regarding nesting activities is also available at this site. Day-to-day narrative and photos of nesting activity is available at RaptorX Forum for vultures, owls, and eagles

Viewing nesting behavior over the Internet, rather than observing the birds directly, avoids activity near the nest that could lead the adults to abandon it. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO LOCATE THE NEST SITE OR APPROACH IT AS DOING SO COULD RESULT IN DEATH OF THE CHICKS AND THE END OF THIS RESEARCH.

Comments from viewers relating to observations of vulture behavior or suggestions for research are most welcome.



Live Video of BLVU Nest — 1,796 Comments

  1. Suspect the adult male, behavior is surely different.
    Chick has head down, low flaps, He has wings spread.

  2. Suspect that adult male arrives and Tori chases him, running up and down path flapping wings, head down.

    I originally thought it was possibly a new pair of vultures. The behavior was so different and chick was very excited. Bob checked video. I checked photos and then realized the excitement was Tori possibly seeing the adult male, who still ignores Tori. They ran up and down the path, adult flew up to rafters.

    Since Ren is in captivity, he rarely arrives at the shed.

  3. Tori, 91 days old. Still waiting. Sits for a long time, laying down on the wall is just too cute.

  4. Tori, 83 days old. Flaps and flies with ease to the stack, wall and roof. Lovely bird.

    Since leaving the shed and venturing out more and more, Tori appears to have an adult there a lot of the time.

  5. Meanwhile, Tori347 has been searching still, the adults search the shed, they continue to look for Ren.

    Sleeping alone and perching on the wall, seeing one solo chick, it is even more noticeable how much they truly mimic each other and play. They seemingly enjoy each other’s company and chick
    gives the impression of missing sibling.

    Tori has been flying and has flown down to the wall of the shed. Doing wonderful and continues to return to shed, searching and waiting for Ren.

  6. Recap and Update on Rem294.

    SInce 6/20/2017 chick Ren294 has been in captivity after arriving at Tri-State for an examination
    it had be determined that chick needed temporary pin in left femur and
    underwent surgery.

    Ren has a femur fracture with associated raccoon bite wounds so the injury definitely appears to have been caused by the raccoon attack. Currently resting comfortably in what is called a free-housing room and chick has been standing.

  7. Adjusting is difficult, heavy rains and stormy and normally the two would cuddle.
    Learning how much they need each other and Ren is truly missed.

    Tori eats well but flying and hops have slowed way down.
    Chick sits on the wall, waiting. No sibling to run and hop with, things are different now.

  8. Minutes later, adult male arrives, where is his Ren.

    They continue to search.

    Social creatures with deep bonds and family ties.
    THey are amazing.

  9. Summertime in full bloom, Tori with adult. Tori 82 days old, remains in the shed area.
    Fledge for this nest ranges from 76-80 days.

    June 20th, Tori flew down to the wall at a good speed, a great distance.

    Since then, the now juvenile BLVU returns to the shed, Chick along with adult continue to search for Ren294.

  10. Tori tries to sleep inside the shed, daytime hours are more and more off cam, I saw chick with adult on shed roof and believe that’s where they spend a lot of time.
    Still missing Ren, after a few days of being alone,

  11. At 3:01pm Aimee came and picked up Ren/294 to transport chick to Tri-State for exam.

    Adult and 347 look around curiously.

  12. They manage to get Ren upright and female feeds. Then back down again.

    Stand for food, if you want to live and Ren says I will.

  13. Teamwork, what love and bonding do they have, here it is shown.
    Adult female and Tori tug at Ren to get chick upright, hard bites and nudges, equally trying
    with all they can to get Ren upright.

  14. Coaxing and tugging at Ren, adult female fed chick, note missing middle talon.

  15. Extreme footage, Ren on the wall. Using foot for balance but not much else.
    Beautiful zoom detail of feet and legs.

  16. Bob was able to review previously recorded video from all the cams and he discovered that Ren 294 was attacked by a raccoon on 6/17/2017 at 8:25PM inside the shed, behind the sink area.

    Bob said there are always risks of retrieving a bird for observation that offset the risks of seeing whether the bird will make it without help. The decision was made by the folks at Tri-State that human intervention is necessary, most likely injuries won’t heal properly without help.

    Aimee arrived at the shed to retrieve chick and transport bird to Tri-State for examination.
    Ren laying in the patio area was easily and gently captured without resistance.

    From Aimee: This would not have resolved on its own. It has a leg fracture (femur fracture to be exact) with associated raccoon bite wounds so the injury definitely appears to have been caused by the raccoon attack. The bird had surgery last night to stabilize the fracture and now has a pin in the leg. The bird is resting comfortably in one of our free-housing rooms and is standing as of this am.

  17. In the meantime, Fantastic and wonderful things are happening to Tori. Chick has been flying a little longer distance now and in this moment, screenshot captures chick flying onto the wall with good height.

  18. At 12:57pm next day, the adult arrives, Tori and adult take turns and then both preen Ren294, adult poked Ren in the wing to get up and it works.

  19. Tori eventually has Ren up, ok now stretch and flap, Tori is trying to help, they always mimic each other and chick is confused but doesn’t give up.

  20. Tori insists on getting Ren to mimic and follow.
    Awfully cute moments, “come on Ren, look at me, let’s flap.”
    Equally hard to watch and see something is wrong.

    Folks at Tri-State have been watching and deciding, if the chick can heal without intervention, Sometimes they work out the kinks on their own.

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