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  1. Owlet was so exhausted, never heard her arrive or leave. Looking in on her owlet, this was the last time seeing them together.

  2. 5 of 5. Getting ready to get ready.

    Time permitting I will add days old and other information, coming soon.

  3. The next five are the last time they were together inside the nest box, last time together on the perch as owlet drops off, it’s fledge.

    1 of 5.

  4. Adding photos prior to #1 fledge. Prior “Beautiful” photo counting as 1 of 5.

    This photo is 2 of 5.

  5. Solo owlet left in the nest box, taking a walk on the rail, at least twice, nearly went over the edge in the same spot it’s sibling dropped down from..

    Had a perch on the right and left side rail.

    The Raptor X Forum will have a sequence of at least 6-8 photos of the rail walks.

  6. Preparing her owlets to go. Encouraging them out. Over the last couple days, she would perch on the rail, they actually carried up food but didn’t deliver it, amazing.

  7. Wondering how they are, where they are! Good luck to the Barred’s.

    Will show a random series of photos from the last few days prior to launch.
    Not going by date order, interesting activities or just a beautiful moment.

    The Raptor X Forum page, will have more photos and events documented there.
    Trying to gather those last photos of them together, first photos of perches. May take me a while. Stop back!

  8. Sometime between 12:20am and 6:25am owlet took the leap!

    First owlet tumbled over but had been leaning over the edge measuring and preparing, second owlet is still to be determined when and how… did owlet fly or drop off?

    Got many beautiful moments in photos still to come.

    Congratulations and good luck to the 2016 Barred’s of NY.

  9. Feeling thankful for this opportunity to watch a Live cam view of the stunning Barred’s of NY.

    The hours of time preparing, setting up, fixing and adjusting to get us to this point. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    THANKS! What a day today.

  10. Sometimes the best made plans… well, owlet dropped down to the ground today.

    Waiting word on the little one. Saw aduly keeping watch in a nearby tree, visible from barred owl cam ny2.

    A fantastic day! Hopped from the perch into the box and landed on two feet, swallowed a chipmunk, then proceeded back out!

    Many events to document but had to put this out today!

  11. As of this morning both owlets have perched multiple days/times.

    At least two days owlet has perched and today, both.

    Photos to come, they each have been up multiple times today and gaining with ease at each hop up.

    Encouraged by adult/Luna I imagine. Who landed on the outside rail as if encouraging them to come out. She did perch at the entrance, one owlet hopped up, second one bites at her tail to make room. Feisty owlet, she flies away and both her young perched. Surely, the adults are nearby keeping watch over the entrance possibly more than usual.

  12. Wet feathers, beautiful markings, same time frame, owlets not interested in the food drop.

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